$110,000 raised so far!

Dear Colleagues,

So far we have raised over $110,000 towards this year’s Doctor’s Day in May campaign. This will be enough to fund the wages component for many thousands of lid surgeries for trachoma, the training of nearly one hundred community health workers in Sierra Leone and lend substantial support for the wonderful work being done by the Barbara May Foundation in Ethiopia.

There is still plenty of time to contribute to this year’s campaign and I hope this message received over the weekend from Allan Kelly, paediatrician, might inspire you;

“This is a fantastic initiative. Although it is called “Twice the Doctor” it enables us to be many more times than twice the doctor. We are so lucky to be living in a country where one day of our pay enables us be doctors for a whole month somewhere else. The riches of this world are so unevenly distributed that the least we can do as the lucky few is to help to redress that imbalance.”

Recall that we primarily became doctors in order to help patients. I firmly believe that this type of contribution is a particularly effective way to help some of the most needful patients in the world.


Rob Baume

(on behalf of the Directors of Twice The Doctor Foundation)


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