Dr. Robert Baume

Dr Baume is a Rheumatologist & General Physician with interests in cosmology, practical philosophy and evolutionary theory.
Married with three sons, Dr Baume says he founded Twice The Doctors Foundation to tackle health inequalities across the globe..
“Principles are very important to me. I’ve always believed in the need to not lose sight of the big picture. I feel that the greatest global health issues facing us today are obesity and the stunningly skewed distribution of health resources.”

Dr. Denis Crimmins

Dr Crimmins is a neurologist with appointments at Gosford and Wyong Hospitals and an academic appointment to Newcastle Hospital as a clinical associate professor.
He has been involved with ongoing research programmes and the teaching of under graduate medical students for the same period of time.
During his tenure at both Gosford and Wyong hospitals he has had over 400 interns, residents and registrars directly working within his unit.
“The Twice The Doctor Foundation signifies a unique and exciting opportunity as a medical specialist. To help where a difference can be made for struggling communities at the ‘coal face’ allow me to feel direct empowerment and development of locally based medical work forces who will best be able to provide relevant local care.”

Dr. Jules Willcocks

Dr Willcocks is an emergency physician on the Central Coast of NSW. Originally from the UK, he has also worked in South Africa and spent about 10 years in New Zealand where he did his formal emergency medicine training.
He moved to Australia several years ago and is married with two young children.
In addition to his clinical work, Dr Willcocks is heavily involved in teaching. “I had an idea for similar charity several years ago so when I met Dr Baume we were able to work together to bring Twice The Doctor to reality.”

Dr. Jill Forer

Dr Forer grew up in a home of humanitarian values while living in South Africa during apartheid.
As she grew up she was shocked to find that her home was not a representation of government policy. As a medical student in Soweto she witnessed the pain of inequity.
Dr Forer moved to Australia in her 20s and has since dedicated herself to quality healthcare.
“It is my privilege to work now to uplift those communities in whose presence I learned.”
“I have a heightened global conscience and a true connection as a result of my personal experience. I am delighted to share my time and knowledge for this incredible cause and as a result become Twice The Doctor.”

Dr. Tony Salgo

Dr Salgo was born in Sydney and trained as a General Practitioner.
He has a practice in Glebe and has dedicated more than three decades to healthcare.
He has worked with Waterloo’s large Aboriginal population and with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on a number of Chronic Disease Shared Care programmes, including Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.
He also has a particular interest in geriatrics.

Ravi Agarwal

Ravi Agarwal is an experienced adviser whose key objective is to assist medical professionals throughout Australia make smart financial and business decisions that allows them to achieve their life goals and dreams.
He started his financial career in 2004 in the Tax and Legal department of Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he gained his understanding in taxation legislation.
From there he moved to Lehman Brothers in London working as a Sales-Trader in the Capital Markets division and later with Nomura, the Japanese investment bank.
In 2010, Ravi established MEDIQ Financial Services, a premier Accounting, Investment, Insurance and Finance service to medical professionals and their families.
Ravi has been recognised by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) with the 2013 AFA Rising Star award, in recognition for his excellence in the advice industry and outstanding commitment to his clients, their community and their industry. Ravi holds an L.L.B. (Law) from the University of London and the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) designation from The Tax Institute.