Want to know more about the foundation? You’re not alone. These are the most common questions we’re asked.


How Much Do You Suggest I Donate?

Approximately the value of one day’s work (once a year) which is about half a percent of your annual income. You may wish to give more or less.


How Do I Know The Funds Will Be Properly Used?

Your donation will be administered by UNICEF one of the best known and most trusted brands in the world.


Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

Yes your donation is fully tax deductible and you will be issued with the appropriate receipt by email.


What Feedback Will I Receive?

We plan a minimum of quarterly emails to update you on how the proceeds of your donation are being utilised. Regular feedback will also be posted on this website.


Will I Be Regularly Asked To Contribute More Funds?

Definitely not.




How Is This Different From Just Another Donation?

1. The programme is to train and empower health care workers so it’s really as if THEY ARE WORKING THERE FOR YOU INSTEAD OF YOU GOING THERE YOURSELF. It is therefore a lot more like TRUE VOLUNTEERING but, unless you have a specifically required skill, happens to be a lot more efficient and effective than you actually going.


3. SUPER LOW AMINISTRATION FEES of 6% or less because the directors have covered the Foundations set-up and accounting fees and sponsors cover posters, printing ,etc.

4. PROBITY (fairness)- we are not wedded to a single charity. We already have a progamme linked to the Fred Hollows Foundation, UNICEF, the Barbara May Foundation and SURGICALife and will link with future organisations that fit best with our philosophy.

5. Your contribution is NOT JUST ANOTHER DONATION to a large institution as you are sending a signal to other medical colleagues to come and join , thereby further amplifying input.


Doesn’t Charity Begin At Home?

This whole concept is about efficiency and ‘bang for your buck’.

A doctor’s salary for a year in Africa  is about $12,000. To pay for a doctor in remote rural Australia for a year is over $250,000

ie > 20 times as much