We are asking doctors to volunteer in their own rooms or workplace for One Day in May (or a day of your choosing), and donate the value/wages from that day to the TWICE THE DOCTOR FOUNDATION.

Because of the enormous disparity in doctors wages between Australia and the Third World (a doctor in Africa gets about $12,000 pa and a nurse about $2,000 pa), your day of volunteering translates to about one month of a doctor’s services or six months of a nurse’s services in Africa.

Together with UNICEF and the Fred Hollows Foundation, TWICE THE DOCTOR will ensure that these funds are used to empower and employ a doctor in Africa to work in the communities that they already know and understand. 

Doctors from numerous NSW hospitals will be doing their day in May to promote awareness and camaraderie. After you have “done” your day in May, simply make your tax deductible donation via this website.

Remember that your donation goes a long way in the Third World, so your effort is really amplified.  You will have indeed volunteered here in lieu of actually going to Africa. Thereby probably making more of a long term difference than if you had actually gone!