While the foundation relies on volunteers we also need the support of businesses to keep going.

Douglas Pathology

One of the largest providers of pathology services in Australia have most kindly sponsored the printing and distribution of posters that will be displayed in a number of hospitals and also in private practitioners surgeries. Further, they have offered to sponser the printing and distribution of certificates of appreciation to our volunteer/donators.

Hausman Communications

Judi Hausmann, founder and CEO of one of the largest public relations firms in Australia, has been immensely supportive from the very beginning of this project providing advice and logistical backing. She has also indicated on-going support in organising future contact with the media especially when we are ready to take our concept nationally.


Mr Norman Gillespie (CEO) has been most enthusiastic and supportive of our project from the very beginning when the concept was first being evolved. He was able to source the Sierra Leone Unicef project in a most timely fashion so that we could have an excellent recipient to mesh with our philosophy and concept of virtual volunteering.


Provides financial services to doctors. The CEO, Ravi Agarwal, has been most enthusiastic and supportive of our concept from the early days and is now a director of the Twice The Doctor Foundation. He has most generously offered his firm’s resources to provide accounting services to the Foundation pro-bono. This has an approximate value of $10,000 per annum.


A number of representatives have been most enthusiastic about our concept and have provided logistical support in setting up the Foundation ,low fee accounts for the Foundation’s funds, support in establishing secure collection of funds and offers of support for doctors meetings associated with our project.

Bank Of Queensland

Doctors Day in May 2017 has been kindly supported by the Bank of Queensland who provides financial services including banking to medical practitioners in Australia.

Saatchi and Saatchi

One of the best known advertising companies in the world has most kindly aided in the design of our posters and has offered ongoing support with design and promotion issues including web-site concepts.

Australian Philanthropic Services

Provide assistance in establishing private and public ancilliary funds and help plan grant making. Judith Fiander ( client services manager) has been particularly helpful in establishing the foundation and we are looking forward to further support and collaboration. Antonia Ruffel (CEO) and David Ward ( technical director) have also been most helpful.

Fred Hollows Foundation

have been most excited by our concept and are very keen for us to feed into their projects as their philosophy of training local medical staff is in total synchronization with our concept of virtual volunteering. Harkeet Sandhu has been particularly helpful in providing information and photographs for our website as well as other logistical support.