We believe that we have a compelling concept that taps into a lifelong desire of medical professionals to volunteer their services  in order to help some of the most needful patients in the world.

We believe that this concept has wide appeal to all branches and levels of our profession as evident in the number and variety of medical practitioners we have already signed on. 

We believe that we can achieve our goal of a National Doctors Day of Volunteering thereby not only making a major contribution to Third World Health but also raising the profile of Australian Doctors in a very positive way.

We see no significant impediment to spread the concept to doctors in other developed countries and thereby one day creating an international movement.

Our Philosophy

We are a group of doctors who believe that we are all equal on this planet and that we have some responsibility to all patients not just the ones that happen to be under our noses.

We realize that in this lucky country we have so many services and supports that are unheard of in many places around the world.

We understand that because of the large disparity in the cost of medical services between here and the Third World, we have an opportunity to use our medical skills to make a huge difference with relatively little effort.

We believe in being efficient and effective.