Dear Colleagues,

We have made some further significant progress as follows:

1)      Antonia (Toni) Pearson, previously a registrar at Gosford and now at Royal North Shore Hospital presented our concept to RMOs at RNSH resulting in 31 new doctors on board (ie: about 90% of her audience). Welcome RNSH residents and interns – your support is greatly appreciated! And well done, Toni! (who also passed her written primary exams, just by-the-by).

2)      Douglas Pathology has kindly offered to sponsor the printing and distribution of posters and Certificates of Appreciation. This helps ensure that we keep the Foundation’s costs to a minimum so your eventual donation goes further.

3)      Website construction has advanced and you can get a look at

There is an updated slide presentation posted – please send the link to your medical colleagues if you think they might be interested. Here is a testimonial from Daniella Potter. WHERE’S YOURS?!! It would really help in building the website and really make a difference in recruiting other doctors to our concept