Dear colleagues

Here is some news from Jules Willcocks , A&E specialist and one of our Foundation directors regarding a recent A&E conference in Noosa;

“ We had a positive response with another 20 or so sign ups and several people expressing an interest in becoming an ambassador for Twice the Doctor and taking it to their local hospital. One very positive outcome was that one of the conference exhibitors was Austwide Locums. Liz Swinnerton, who is their executive manager, has pledged her support and has offered to send out Twice the Doctor information to all their locums asking them to support us. This is about 1500 doctors! She has also said that Austwide will DONATE THEIR CUT from any shift done for TTD as well! Lastly she has given me the contact name at another locum agency who she thinks will do the same.

The next day I was down in Melbourne and met with the CEO of ACEM who pledged support from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. I spoke to the President of ACEM the week before who was also very supportive as was the chair of the International Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group of the college and so we now have formal support and buy in to the concept from an Australasian medical college which is excellent news”.

In other news

  1. Thanks to the excellent efforts of Tom Chesterman we now have a number

of  interns from Adelaide signed on with plans to recruit many more.

  1. Thanks to Jodie Ralph, the website-including the capacity to efficiently receive

donations is close to completion.

  1. Denis Crimmins has expertly organised design and printing of posters which is virtually completed.

The momentum that you, as participants have created, continues to grow!

Let us not forget our purpose and our vision of creating a major movement in order to make a really significant contribution to Third World Health.

Regards to all

Rob Baume

PS:  Less than 4 weeks till 21st of May and our inaugural Doctors day in May.


(We are hoping to receive your donations soon after.)