Doctors Day in May 2021

Dear colleagues and supporters,

As the concept of “Doctor’s Day in May” approaches (when I hope that those who can, will consider making a significant donation to help your medical colleagues help their patients half a world away), please consider the following recent news items.

30/3 – Besides dealing with other deadly outbreaks including Ebola, polio and measles, many nations in Africa are also dealing with vaccine inequity as developed nations hoard doses and seek to inoculate their entire populations. So far, only 7.7 million vaccines have been administered on the continent, according to the World Health Organization, which last week warned of a slowdown in deliveries even as initial batches were exhausted.

31/3 – KABUL, Afghanistan — Three health workers, all women, working for the government’s polio vaccine campaign were shot dead in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. Basira, one of the victims, a vaccine worker since her teens, had been enlisted for a five-day vaccine campaign for which she would be paid less than $30.

31/3 –  Dr. Francisca Crispi, a regional president of Chile’s medical association, said that 20 to 30 percent of medical professionals in the country have gone on leave because they are so exhausted. Many are experiencing mental health problems and suicidal ideation, she added.

Further, please consider the following;.

The Yale happiness class, is one of the most popular classes to be offered in the university’s 320-year history. Over 3 million people have taken the course.

Research for the course found that the main causes of happiness are;

1. Adequate sleep.

2. Gratitude for the good things in one’s life

… and 

3. Helping other people.      

Regards to all

Rob Baume 

On behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation