Feedback from the UNICEF Sierra Leone campaign

Dear colleagues,

Here’s some wonderful feedback from acting CEO of UNICEF, one of our major TTD partners. 

” I am writing to thank you for the gift of $75,000 from Twice The Doctor Foundation to support children in Sierra Leone. I am so thrilled to learn that the third year of Twice The Doctor Day has been a success.
…. In Sierra Leone  … Ebola has destroyed children’s lives. … Not only are you helping deliver vital healthcare, you are also helping build more robust healthcare systems that can better withstand disasters.
....  By providing multi-year funding to vital programs you are enabling us to make systemic changes to address the underlying causes of poverty”

 (Well over a quarter of a million dollars has been raised by the Twice the Doctor Foundation  for Unicef program’s in Sierra Leone in just over the two years.)

….  ” As medical professionals, you have taken your roles to another level and I really  hope you all feel proud of your achievements. On behalf of everyone at UNICEF Australia and all the children you are helping, I thank you sincerely.”

Adrian Graham

Acting Chief Executive

UNICEF Australia

I feel all of you who have participated /contributed richly deserve this type of appreciation; so enjoy!

Regards to all

Rob Baume    (on behalf of the directors of TTD)

20 July 2016