TTD/UNICEF Partnership in Zimbabwe

Dear colleagues and supporters,

Thanks so much for your response so far to this year’s Twice the Doctor fundraising drive and
particularly Doctors Day in May.

It is still of course early days but your colleagues have already contributed

                                     over $60,000 towards this year’s effort.

Please view the videos here.      

And also here.

Fortunately , Robert Mugabe who since 1980 has systematically destroyed what was an excellent
health system has been ousted. Amongst numerous problems, abysmal working conditions drove
20% of health professionals abroad each year.

Currently in Australia maternal mortality rate is:       5.5 /100,000 live births.
In Zimbabwe it is:       443 /100,000 … ie nearly 100x as much

There is some hope and expectation that the new administration will be significantly better but the
new government has allocated a disappointing 7.7% to health in the 2017–2018 national budget.
The people of Zimbabwe need our help.

Remember, the central concept of TTD is funding doctors in the developing world to do the work
that we hopefully would/ ?? could do if we went over to volunteer. This is “virtually volunteering” at
its best.

If you have not as yet contributed this year, please consider doing so.
Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible. The directors of TTD cover all our administrative costs so your contribution goes even further.

Regards to all,

Rob Baume (On behalf of the directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation)

Doctors Day in May Update

Dear colleagues,

Doctors Day in May was last Friday at Gosford/Wyong Hospitals and will be later this month at RPA
and affiliate hospitals. Posters will be displayed at a number of other hospitals encouraging your
colleagues to participate.

At Gosford and Wyong the RMOA organised a number of activities including meditation, lunch,
coffee vouchers, and a “pat-a-piglet” opportunity. Crazy socks were also encouraged.

I am proud that the Twice The Doctor Foundation (TTD) was the initiator of Doctors Day in May and
is an ongoing supporter of this valuable tradition. This is all to do with mental health and well-being
for doctors and I thoroughly believe that involving oneself in charitable activities/opportunities such
as those provided by TTD enhance and magnify the positive effects significantly.

I was recently fortunate enough to be interviewed for an article about TTD by Penny Durham from
Rheumatology Republic. I apologise that it is a little lengthy but I think it beautifully captures the
philosophy of TTD so I would love you to read it if you have time. Importantly it also includes a very
interesting interview with Andrew Browning AM who has worked extensively in Africa. Some of the
key figures he quotes means that it is likely that through an appropriately targeted contribution you
can prevent the obstetric death of a mother and baby for about $A 1,800. Remember, this mother
is quite likely to have other children who are then orphaned. In addition with the same funds you
are very likely to be preventing fistula formation, potential neonatal brain hypoxia and various other
devastating non-fatal potential complications of child-birth.

Please read the article if you have time, and please consider making your contribution for this year’s
Doctor’s Day in May at

Also, please consider sending this on to your medical associates.

Regards to all,

Rob Baume (On behalf of the directors of TTD)