Unprecedented Times in 2020

Dear Colleagues

The depiction of Australia as  “The Lucky Country “ has probably never been more accurate and poignant. It seems we (the general public and medical staff in particular) have dodged a major bullet in negotiating the worst of this terrible pandemic.

Witnessing the sometimes shocking conditions and consequences that our medical colleagues have endured in advanced economies such as the U.S., UK, Italy etc is sobering.

Now, try to imagine what is on the way for Africa and its medical workers with chronic under-staffing and dismally sparse resources. This will be compounded by enormous economic loss to some of the most fragile economies in the world as a consequence of lockdowns locally and globally.

We have all faced significant economic and other challenges recently and for logistical reasons there will be no formal “Doctor’s Day in May” this year. However, many of your peers have contributed throughout the year and if you feel in a position to make a contribution to support your fellow medical professionals in Africa, you can be confident it will be well utilised and greatly appreciated.

Regards to all and stay safe

Rob Baume

On behalf of the Directors of TTD