Doctors Day in May 2019

Dear colleagues,

We are fast approaching Doctors Day in May so I hope you are considering your annual
contribution. Please recall that as medical practitioners in Australia we are in really quite a
privileged position for the following reasons;
     1. We have interesting and fulfilling (though often stressful) jobs.
     2. We are very rarely unemployed.
     3. We are supported by a health system which, though far from perfect, is fairly uniformly considered
amongst the best in the world.

Couple this with knowledge that for just $300-$400 per annum channelled into highly
effective and efficient programmes in Africa, you can virtually double the QALYs you are
likely to generate in a year!

                 Which other profession has this opportunity?

(Sadly it is an opportunity that only exists due to the huge disparity in medical resources in
much of the developing world.)

Moreover as I write this, I realise that though I am going to donate some of my valuable time
and my hard-earned cash, at no time soon am I going to be dying for the cause, (I am
way too much of a coward!)- unlike some of our medical colleagues.

Please consider taking a bit of time to view the video link.

Regards to all

Robert Baume (on behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation)