10 Great Reasons to Contribute to TTD

Dear colleagues,

10 great reasons to contribute to TTD

  1. Support your Australian medical colleagues who have donated about $85,000
    towards this year’s drive (so we are now well over $650,000 raised since inception).
  2. Support your medical colleagues in Africa who desperately need the resources and
  3. Support the patients in countries where health spending is often less than $25 per
    person per annum.
  4. Support your psyche – once you have a modest income, the best use of money to
    promote happiness is to give it to someone in need.
  5. Support your wellbeing and help prevent burnout by knowing you are contributing
    to lifesaving medical work.
  6. Support incredibly efficient and effective programmes. One of our initiatives can
    avert a DALY (disability adjusted life year) for about $25. In Australia we often pay
  7. Recall that a contribution to TTD is not just another donation but is in effect “virtual
    volunteering” where medical staff in Africa are acting as your avatar.
  8. Recall your contributions to TTD go further as a) the directors pay the administration
    costs and b) we make single large sum contributions- thereby reducing
    administrative costs of our partners.
  9. Because you can. We work in a privileged profession in an incredibly lucky country
    with one of the best medical systems in the world. In my country of birth, Romania,
    a GP earns about $40,000 pa (this having increased substantially in the last few
    years)-and the facilities suck!
  10. It’s the end of the financial year, your contribution is fully tax deductible and you’d
    rather give your money to African colleagues and their patients than to Josh

Australia’s spending on foreign aid has steadily declined for years. It’s now 0.27% of
gross national income which is a quarter of spending by Scandinavian countries and one third of the UK.

Regards to all and a happy new financial year,

Rob Baume (On behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation)