D-Day for Ebola campaign update

Dear Colleagues

Thank you for your response to D-Day for Ebola. We have raised close to $40,000 which means the Twice the Doctor Foundation has raised a total of nearly a quarter of a million dollars in its inaugural year.

The epidemic, particularly in Sierra Leone continues to grow so for those who have not yet made their contribution for D-day for Ebola but wish to do so, please go to:


Kind regards

Rob Baume

(On behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor)

D-Day for Ebola campaign

Dear Colleagues

D-Day for Ebola is this Monday 8th December 2014.

This campaign is endorsed by the AMA.

The campaign is also endorsed by Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Campaign Poster – See attachment.

7.30 Report:


Please consider joining your colleagues and contributing to this emergency by going to the website. www.twicethedoctor.org.au

Kind regards

Robert Baume

On behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation

PS: Please forward this email to all your medical colleagues.