June 2020 Fundrasing Update

Dear colleagues

Thank you to the many generous doctors and supporters who have contributed to this (financial) year’s drive. As a result we will be able to pass on a total of nearly $50,000 to our various partners in the field – namely UNICEF, Fred Hollows Foundation, Barbara May Foundation, SURGICALife. 

Healthcare systems in Africa suffer from neglect and underfunding, leading to severe challenges across the six World Health Organization (WHO) pillars of healthcare delivery.

A study was conducted as part of a recent African Epidemiological Association Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique with participants drawn from 11 African countries, Cuba, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Researchers found that the leading challenges in the healthcare sector as identified by the study participants were:

1. inadequate human resource for health

2. inadequate budgetary allocations to healthcare

3. poor leadership and management in healthcare. 

Please recall that our funds are concentrated on programs aimed at expanding human health resources.

There is still plenty of time make a contribution this (financial) year if you find yourself in a position to do so. (All contributions are fully tax deductible.)


Regards to all

Rob Baume

On behalf of the Directors Twice the Doctor Foundation

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