Two weeks to go until Doctors Day in May

Dear Colleagues,

There is less than two weeks till Doctor’s Day in May- Friday, May 20th

Hope you will join hundreds – (perhaps a thousand or so?) of your colleagues in making a significant contribution to this year’s effort.

Please recall:

  1. We have already raised over $300,000. This has gone towards training hundreds of health care workers who see thousands of mothers and children in Sierra Leone to reduce child and maternal mortality.

It has also helped train and pay the salaries of trachoma lid surgeons who have performed thousands of blindness-preventing surgeries in Ethiopia.

  1. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and its affiliate hospitals are organising a major launch of the Twice the Doctor concept for Doctor’s Day in May. They have indicated that they are committed to an ongoing annual programme.

Their contributions will go to the Barbara May Foundation who do excellent work in Ethiopia to reduce maternal mortality rate and birth complications.

  1. The New Zealand branch of Twice the Doctor is being established.

This is an indication of the leveraging power of your combined efforts and speaks of the potential for a widespread multi-national programme.

Regards to all

Rob Baume

On behalf of the Directors of Twice the Doctor Foundation

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